The Schlags look too white!
The Schlag family shows off their pasty-white skin earlier this month. They look forward to Groundhog Day, to see if Spring will soon be here. Truman doesn't usually look like that.
Family looks pasty after long, cold winter

By Punxsutawney Phil, Staff Writer

Laie, HI--After a long, cold winter, the Schlag family is looking forward to Groundhog Day, hoping the groundhog doesn't see his shadow, which would mean Spring will come early.

Responding to recent comments from some people, the Schlags decided to come forward and talk about why they look so pale, even though they live in Hawaii.

"I tell you, it's been downright cold this winter," said Kevin Schlag, who was recently given a nice raise and made the Technology Projects Manager at BYU-Hawaii. "Who wants to go outside when it's 60 degrees and windy?

"Plus, I've been so busy with my job and my work on my master's degree at Western Governors University, I've barely been outside. I finish my program in June, though, so after that I should be quite bronzed."

Said daughter Ayanna, 6, "First of all, we use sunscreen of at least SPF 45." Ayanna, who loves 1st Grade and plays with her friends a lot, said, "I enjoy the sun responsibly. I want to make sure that when I'm older and working as my dad's assistant, which is my life-long dream, my skin doesn't look like chewed leather. You just don't want to mess around with UV rays." When asked if she ever sees the sunshine, Ayanna said indignantly, "Of course I do. There's a cool plumeria tree in our yard I'm always climbing. When we had the Frasures--my cousins--visit us in June, I loved going around the island with them. And I love going to the beach. But I also love reading, and that keeps me inside somewhat."

Truman, 3, said he also enjoys playing outside, but also loves watching movies (especially ones that he stars in). Actually, that's not exactly what he said. He actually said, "Take the drawing from Anita, and bring it to me. Is that difficult?" which is a quote from the Disney movie "101 Dalmations," but his dad interpreted. Truman also spent part of the year being potty-trained, which kept him "close to home" if you know what we mean.

Jonah, 17 months, appears the least pasty, but that's mostly because he has so many bruises all over him. "Some people say I live on the edge, always jumping off things, or tripping on the sidewalk, or crashing around," Jonah said. "But these bruises and scrapes really drive the girls wild." Jonah enjoys the outdoors, but he's kind of mad that he can only go outside with adult supervision. "Sheesh," he said. "You eat one ant-covered slug while no one's looking, and you're tied to the apron strings the rest of your life."

Kevin said that the family enjoys the outdoors, and perhaps they should make a more concerted effort to at least look like they live in Hawaii, and not, say, Minnesota. Jonah, who got his first tooth at 15 months and is now quite cranky getting 5 more in at the same time, agreed. "One of my New Year's Resolutions is to have a tan line somewhere on my body by November. Check back with me then."

Nan, who did have a nice tan back in May when she traveled to Colorado and Idaho with Jonah, declined to comment for this story. "You're going to make things up anyway," she said. "And besides, I wanted to do Christmas cards way back in December, but you just have to do this goofy Groundhog thing."

The Schlags plan to wake up early Feb. 2 and have a traditional Groundhog Day breakfast before checking to see if the groundhog saw his shadow.


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