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Kevin Schlag was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado on June 23, 1970. He lived under the shadow of Pikes Peak for 18 years until he graduated from high school and went to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.

Kevin served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Bordeaux, France, French Guiana and Martinique. When he returned, he gave a talk in Church (11 MB mp3 file) about his experiences..

When he got home, he went back to BYU, where he majored in communications, studying PR and journalism. He worked for The Daily Universe until he graduated in December, 1995, after his 15 minutes of fame (well, 7 minutes and 33 seconds anyway) on KTVX Channel 4. Oh--he also worked at the BYU Library with Clare.

With wanderlust flowing through his veins, Kevin decided to do an internship in the summer of 1995 with the All Africa Press Service. He traveled to Kenya, Cameroon, Zaire and Rwanda, and took bunches of cool pictures. He wrote a nice story about the defunct justice system in Rwanda and how the prisons are overcrowded. He also bought some cool souvenirs.

Kevin met Nan Lindsay at BYU. They dated after Nan gave him a haircut. They got married May 14, 1993, in Idaho Falls, Idaho. They have 4 kids: Ayanna, who was born May 10, 1996; Truman, who was born Oct. 19, 1999; Jonah, born September 7, 2001; and Coral, who was born April 12, 2005.

After graduation, Kevin got a job working for WordPerfect Magazine as an online specialist. He updated information on CompuServe, America Online and the World Wide Web.

Kevin left WordPerfect Magazine right before it really started going downhill. On the advice of a former professor, he applied for the job of Campus News Coordinator at Brigham Young University-Hawaii. He started as the student adviser to the campus newspaper, Ke Alaka'i. After a year or so, he became adviser to the yearbook as well, and was Webmaster for a while too. He also has taught a Book of Mormon class, and a Doctrine & Covenants class, for several semesters, and taught Internet Publishing once (he had to teach Microsoft's FrontPage application, which was really yucky). After a time, he became the manager of Web Services at BYU-Hawaii, and then a Project Manager. Then, he became the Director of Web Development & IT Projects, and then the Director Of Enterprise Information Systems.

Now, Kevin is the University Technology Officer at BYUH. That means he helps with all technology on campus, making sure it's up, running, and helpful. If not, he gets drawn and quartered, or fired--his choice. He is also coaching the Men's Cross Country Team.

Deciding he wasn't smart enough, Kevin decided to pursue a masters degree in Learning & Technology from Western Governors University. He finished his degree within a year, and spent some time recuperating. He worked part-time as a mentor for Western Governors, helping students in the BA-Interdisciplinary Studies program get their degree and teacher's certification. It was a blast.

"Life in Hawaii is great," Kevin says. "When we lived on the beach, we had a great view from our beach house, we're right close to the Polynesian Cultural Center, we can go into Honolulu whenever we want and we can snorkel all the time. I just wish Magnum, P.I. were still on so we could be extras in the show!"



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