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Ayanna's Gallery of Sounds

In March of 1999 Ayanna was at my office one day, and for giggles I decided to record some of her musings. Here's what we have. For those who can't do date math, she was 22 months at the time. Uh, I mean 34 months.

All sounds are in .mp3 format.

The Interview
Ayanna's no holds-barred interview on life, her parents, and what she's doing Friday. 971 KB.

The Laugh
Ayanna's infectious laugh. Warning: It's contagious! 79 KB.

The ABCs Song
Are you sure there are that many H's? 320 KB.

The Blues
Ayanna blows the mouth harp like there's no tomorrow! 112 KB.

"Twinkle Twinkle"
This little star shines all by herself in this heartfelt rendition. 492 KB.


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