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Welcome to our movie page. Click on a picture below to start the movie. Don't forget the popcorn!!

These movies are in Quicktime format. If you don't have Quicktime installed, you can go to Apple's download page.
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Meet Coral AnnSwimming Lessons

What better way is there to pass the summer months (and keep Mom from going crazy) than to take swimming lessons? A 2-minute splash-fest of the kids' final lesson. Next stop--the Olympics!


Meet Coral AnnTruman's Graduation

Truman sings the song his class performed for his kindergarten graduation (with support from Coral off camera). A 57-second cornucopia of congratulatory pomp and circumstance!


Meet Coral AnnCoral's Steps

Coral's walking already--check it out! A 2-minute 47-second overload of cuteness!


Meet Coral AnnBoogie Shoes & Birthdays

May means Ayanna's birthday, and also Laie Elementary's big May Day extravanga. A 3-minute boogie fest!


Meet Coral AnnJust Bein' Kids

Ayanna, Truman, and Jonah spend 2 minutes goofing around at BYUH. Can you walk like a penguin?


Meet Coral AnnMeet Coral Ann

A 2-minute introduction of Coral, with cameos by her crazy siblings!


Christmas 2003Christmas '03

A 2-minute 20-second highlight of our holiday excesses. Featuring Louis Armstrong!


Turkey TrotTurkey Trot

A 1-minute 20-second highlight of Ayanna's first race. What a dash!


Air ShowAir Show 2003

A 1-minute 50-second high-octane blast of Thunderbirds, choppers, and fun! Strap in and enter the Danger Zone!


Christmas 2002Christmas 2002

A 6-minute sleigh-ride of Schlag Holiday fun! (Worth the download!)


Halloween IIHalloween II

66 seconds of spooky, ghoulish fun!


Jonah's BirthdayJonah's 1st Birthday

A 1-minute, 30-second short of Jonah feasting and playing. A bonus sighting of a Truman fit towards the end!


Jonah at 6 monthsJonah at 6 Months

A 1-minute, 14-second short of Jonah at 6 months.



A 1-minute short of Jonah giggling. WARNING: It's infectious!



A 1-minute, 42-second short of Jonah kicking around the hospital room. Brought to you by Ayanna.



A 1-minute, 55-second short of Ayanna graduating from Joy School. All the pomp & circumstance you can stand!


Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday!

A 1-minute, 25-second short of Truman eating cake! As Truman says, "Uh oh!"


Happy HalloweenHappy Halloween!

A 2-minute, 48-second haunted Halloween film. Better than Blair Witch!


The WalkThe Walk

A 41-second visual feast of Truman's first steps.


The TalkThe Talk

A 1-minute, 14-second movie of Ayanna's first Primary talk. A bonus Truman sighting at the end!


The HikeThe Hike

A 3-minute movie of the Lindsay family reunion hiking to Laie Falls (OK, it was supposed to be falls, but there wasn't much water).


Ayanna's DanceAyanna's Dance

A 1-minute 30-second movie of Ayanna and her interpretive dance.


Paradise 2000Paradise 2000

A 4-minute 20-second movie promotion of the Lindsay Family reunion. Worth the download!


Millennial ExplosionMillennial Explosion

A 1-minute 16-second movie of our neighborhood on New Year's Eve to celebrate the Year 2000. It was out of control.


Ayanna's ChristmasAyanna's Christmas

A 30-second movie of Ayanna on Chrsitmas Day, 1999. It was such a beautiful day, we decided to play on the beach after we opened our presents.


Truman's ChristmasTruman's Christmas

A 16-second movie of Truman on Chrsitmas Day, 1999. Truman was so happy with all his presents, he just had to bust loose.



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