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2007 Patriot 5K Run

Here's how I trained for the 2007 Patriot 5K Run. I read about this race in the newspaper just a few days beforehand, and didn't know much about it, but decided to do it. My goal was to finish in under 17:36, which was my time for the last 5k. I finished in 18:06, which was a bit of a disappointment for me, but I was 2nd overall. I didn't take my watch on the run, and I wasn't familiar with the course, and there was some high school Cross-Country runner who sprinted ahead at the beginning and I stayed about 100 yards ahead of me most of the way.

Also, Ayanna ran this race, too. She finished in 39:25--good job!

Complete results here.

Note: The decimal places are seconds, not hundredths of minutes. It was too hard to figure out how to do seconds in Excel (of course, what do you expect from Microsoft products?). So, for example, if you see 20.50, that means 20 minutes and 50 seconds, and not 20 minutes and 30 seconds.

15-May Handball
16-May 5 33.42 Water tower
17-May 5 33.23 Water tower
18-May 5 33.43 Water tower
18-May Handball
19-May Laie Falls 67.40 26:23, 39:06 (no rest)
21-May 5 33.43 Water tower
25-May Handball
26-May Laie Falls 64.28 25:14, 37:17 (no rest)
28-May 5 34.17 Water tower
29-May Malaekahana Forest 44.50 25:00 (rest)
30-May 3 19.17
1-Jun 3 18.46
2-Jun Laie Falls 68.24 26:07, 38:12 (no rest)
4-Jun 3 18.57
5-Jun 6 38.25
8-Jun 3 16.48 BYUH Fac/Staff Fun Run
8-Jun Golf 55.00
9-Jun Malaekahana Falls 85.28 24:58 (rest), 37:30 (rest)
11-Jun 3 19.35
12-Jun 5 34.25 Water tower
13-Jun 3.1 19.50
14-Jun 6 38.50
14-Jun Handball
15-Jun Golf

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