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2006 BYUH Faculty/Staff 3 Mile Run

Here's how I trained for the first-ever 2006 BYUH Faculty/Staff 3 Mile Run. This was a fun run for people who were participating in the year-long fitness program. It's also the first race I ever WON! I finished in 17:27, about 5 minutes before anyone else. My prize was 2 movie tickets and a Jamba Juice gift card. It's the same prize everyone else got, too.

Note: The decimal places are seconds, not hundredths of minutes. It was too hard to figure out how to do seconds in Excel (of course, what do you expect from Microsoft products?). So, for example, if you see 20.50, that means 20 minutes and 50 seconds, and not 20 minutes and 30 seconds.

Date Description Time Notes
12-Jun Sprints 32.09 20 x :60 (:30)
14-Jun 5 32.32
15-Jun 4 27.32

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